Monthly Archives: October 2010

I just received a really sweet note from the mom of Lili from my Lili’s heart book. I thought that I would pass it along : )

To see the book Lili’s heart follow the link below

Hi Muffet,
I just wanted to let you know that the Down Syndrome Guild had a little article in their Nov/Dec newsletter about the books that we both donated to them. They extend their thanks and explain the book as a resource for families preparing for heart surgery. It is a really nice article and they mention you by name as the “very talented photographer” and include your website. I wasn’t sure if they would send a copy of the newsletter to you so I wanted to be sure you knew about the good coverage. : )
Thank you again and forever for the pictures, video, books and experience. I am so glad to have met you and to have this beautiful record of our experience and to be able to share it with so many others.
Matt’s mom took her book to the NICU she works at in Des Moines and they loved it. She said the neonatologist was absolutely gaga over the book. She wanted everyone in the hospital to see it!
I also had the incredible privilege of meeting Dr. Lofland’s scrub nurse at the Step Up for DS Walk. She found our team tent there (I don’t know how – a God thing) and introduced herself. She said she had been out to your place the day before to pick up her book and you told her to look for our team. Thank you! What a blessing to meet her and be able to thank her face-to-face for her amazing job. I was thrilled that the Lord worked that out, as I’m sure they rarely get to see their little patients running around after having their hearts fixed. And how wonderful for her (and other nurses) to have such a beautiful book that shows the amazing work she does. I love to see how our God works out so many stories at once and thinks of details that never occur to me. We serve an awesome God!
Thanks Muffet!
I hope you have a fun-filled and blessed week-end.