Monthly Archives: November 2010

Need an Idea for a Christmas Gift? How about giving a gift that will last longer than a lifetime.

A gift that will be cherished and looked at everyday!
A gift that becomes more priceless the longer you have it.
Give the Gift of Photography!

We still have a few Sessions available that will get your images or Christmas Cards here in time for Christmas. We also have gift certificates available for sessions and dollar amounts.
Call Soon!
Wow 10 days hanging out with Kevin Kubota and Company and all the amazing other photographers has flown by. Five Pines Lodge in Sister’s Oregon is an incredible place to stay and I have learned so much! I can’t wait to start using all of this new knowledge and fun creative tools when I get home!

We have been together learning and working on projects literally from 8:30 in the morning until after 10:00 every night. I am very thankful to Kevin and his team for choosing me for this wonderful Scholarship and for all of the new friends I have made!
Here is a collage of a fun project that Kevin encouraged us to do. The project was to take images of the Alphabet using lenses that we do not use often. I used a wide angle 12-24 and a lens baby lens invented by the amazing Craig Strong for these images.