Monthly Archives: July 2012

Ok….  I admit it, I am a really bad blogger.  Having said that, I am a little bit better at posting images on Face Book.  So please friend me  or look for Muffet Petrehn I should not be too hard to find as I’m pretty sure there is only one of me out there : )

It is amazing how time flies and how that time changes things.  My Daughter Courtney ( with my son Reagan in tow ) left for China last Monday.  Reagan will be there for 3 months but Courtney will be there indefinitely and it will be at least 2 years before she comes home. Taylor my other son will be moving to Lawrence in August. I have wanted to spend every extra moment that I could with Courtney and the boys knowing that soon We would not have that opportunity like I would like.  I chose to cut things out in my day that I would normally do and even Needed to do ( like blogging : ) and FB ) because the fleeting time with my kids is so important to me.

So please forgive the lack of Blogging and yes I am still in business and busier than ever : )

Behind the scenes:  We have been working on a new website – A big project that I am excited about. Like all big projects it is taking much longer than I would like. A few months ago I taught my first photography class to photographers – Very fun!  I am also working on a book : ) more about that later!

Hope you all are having a great summer – If you are wanting images this fall please call soon as last year during that time I booked completely up.