Just thought for fun that I would post an image that I took two years ago. I have so many images that I take and then do nothing with.  Lack of time I suppose.  I remember that I was out feeding the horses when these clouds popped up. They were changing so fast I was afraid that I would miss the shot when I ran to grab my camera.   I don’t believe that we got any rain that night but someplace sure did.

A few weeks ago I was able to Travel to Kentucky to photograph my beautiful niece Maggie. I really love going to new places to photograph and Maggie was wonderful to work with.  ( I know I am a bit biased but her images will speak for themselves ) : )
If you are interested in having me travel to do your session please call me at the studio. 913-783-4529
I am always up for a new adventure!

Be sure to take a look at her video too : )

It has been a challenge photographing outdoors in this heat.  The trick from this session… Start Early, loose the shirts, and popsicles at the end : )  We had a lot of fun!!

Ok….  I admit it, I am a really bad blogger.  Having said that, I am a little bit better at posting images on Face Book.  So please friend me  or look for Muffet Petrehn I should not be too hard to find as I’m pretty sure there is only one of me out there : )

It is amazing how time flies and how that time changes things.  My Daughter Courtney ( with my son Reagan in tow ) left for China last Monday.  Reagan will be there for 3 months but Courtney will be there indefinitely and it will be at least 2 years before she comes home. Taylor my other son will be moving to Lawrence in August. I have wanted to spend every extra moment that I could with Courtney and the boys knowing that soon We would not have that opportunity like I would like.  I chose to cut things out in my day that I would normally do and even Needed to do ( like blogging : ) and FB ) because the fleeting time with my kids is so important to me.

So please forgive the lack of Blogging and yes I am still in business and busier than ever : )

Behind the scenes:  We have been working on a new website – A big project that I am excited about. Like all big projects it is taking much longer than I would like. A few months ago I taught my first photography class to photographers – Very fun!  I am also working on a book : ) more about that later!

Hope you all are having a great summer – If you are wanting images this fall please call soon as last year during that time I booked completely up.
May 14th Muffet will be opening her doors to fellow Professional Photographers and share her knowledge with her peers during her PPA Super Monday Class.

What is Super Monday?

Super Monday is a one-day fundraising event that builds the photographic and business skills of professional photographers. Classes are taught by photographers who host seminars in their studios (or other locations), with the proceeds going to support PPA educational projects. These one-day programs focus on sharing knowledge on topics ranging from lighting, posing and imaging to business, marketing and sales.

Senior from Liberty High and also my very talented niece!  I am very proud of Madeline and in my opinion everyone should have the chance to hear her sing!!

For the month of January My work will be featured in Starbucks in Prairie Village.  If you are in the area stop in and take a look, order a coffee and tell them I sent you!

I recently had the opportunity to visit Portland Oregon and Photograph a darling girl and her adorable dog!
I had SO much fun with Kyndal and her side kick Dash and What a wonderful place to do a photo shoot!

I could have photographed there for days and not run out of new and interesting places and backdrops!  Kyndal is the daughter of my good friend and after college roommate Anne so this session was extra special for me!!

Anne and I had a lot of fun in our spare time riding bikes down by the river and downtown Portland – of course stopping to eat and then shop at a very fun store that was new to me called ” Lululemon “- the whole time out riding in my head I would be taking pictures of all of the cool possibilities.  I love being placed in new environments to challenge myself to  create new images that I have not done before.

I am just going to have to make plans to go back regularly and photograph more High School Seniors and Families!  So any of you Portland People who would like me to photograph you – just send me an e-mail or call – I would love an excuse to come back to visit : )

Enjoy the “Proof” video from Kyndals Senior Portrait Session!!   Kyndal you are Awesome!

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Photograph your Senior Session in August and get an amazing custom proof video – perfect to share on FB!  A299.00 value!

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