Master Photographer – Professional Photographers of America


American Society of  Photographers ( ASP )



  • Professional Photographer of America (PPA) Photographer Of The Year
  • 2 Albums and 2 Prints chosen to travel the word in PPA’s Loan Collection of Photography exhibits
  • Image Featured in the PPA Magazine
  • 19 Print Merits


  • Fujifilm Masterpiece Award For the Album “The Gift of Life” open heart surgery of a 5 year old
  • First Place Album Every Time Entered
  • Best Of Show Album Every Time Entered
  • 4 Judges Awards – For Their Personal Favorite Image of the Entire Show
  • First Place Illustration
  • Second Place Child
  • Third Place Men


  • Top Ten Kansas Photographer of the Year Award Every Time Entered
  • First Place Album
  • First Place Child
  • First Place Pet
  • Second place Men

 Kansas City:

  • Best of Show Album
  • First Place Album Every Time Entered
  • Best of show Album Every Time Entered
  • First place illustration
  • Best of Show Illustration
  • Best Child
  • Best Man
  • Best Group
  • Second Place Wedding