I recently had the opportunity to visit Portland Oregon and Photograph a darling girl and her adorable dog!
I had SO much fun with Kyndal and her side kick Dash and What a wonderful place to do a photo shoot!

I could have photographed there for days and not run out of new and interesting places and backdrops!  Kyndal is the daughter of my good friend and after college roommate Anne so this session was extra special for me!!

Anne and I had a lot of fun in our spare time riding bikes down by the river and downtown Portland – of course stopping to eat and then shop at a very fun store that was new to me called ” Lululemon “- the whole time out riding in my head I would be taking pictures of all of the cool possibilities.  I love being placed in new environments to challenge myself to  create new images that I have not done before.

I am just going to have to make plans to go back regularly and photograph more High School Seniors and Families!  So any of you Portland People who would like me to photograph you – just send me an e-mail or call – I would love an excuse to come back to visit : )

Enjoy the “Proof” video from Kyndals Senior Portrait Session!!   Kyndal you are Awesome!

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The Last few weeks have been crazy busy!  Ok… I admit part of the busy has been keeping my 9 acres worth of grass and weeds under control with all of the rain that we have had!
But I have also had the opportunity to photograph a track star from Baker University, an amazingly talented family of Horse professionals, The cutest, most adorable 2 year old, the funniest dog, a horse and a cat, very cool teenagers and several other families that I hope to feature soon. Oh Yes and I can not forget the most amazing 84 year old great grandmother ever !!

Take a look!!

Tanner – The Track Star from Baker University soon to be a police officer!

Super fun family – the Coopers work and Train Cutting Horses at Rodrock Ranch and the 3 guys are ranked top in the world in competitions.

 Take a look at the dog on the right in these next two images : ) He has quite the personality! When I asked for smiles that is what he did!  : )  These boys are some of the coolest I’ve met and incredible horse riders!

This is Jake, One of the most adorable 2 year olds I have ever met!
I could have photographed him all day!!

 Jake and his Grandpa Butch. Butch drove clear from Oklahoma to be here for Jakes session. They have a very special relationship!!

Wow is she ever an amazing Great Grandmother!  How many 84 year olds could climb up in my barn window!!

The Farm and Outside Studio and SOME of the grass that I have to mow : ) 
Some of the storm clouds that brought the rain that make the grass grow so fast
keeping me really busy!  : ) 

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Tomorrow Courtney Graduates from KU, Last December Taylor graduated from JOCO Culinary school and has recently moved to Napa CA to manage a store called Oakville Grocery and Reagan graduates from High School.  
So many things are changing.
A few days before Taylor moved we took these images.  ( and many more )  I wanted a time capsule to mark this time in my kids life.  As I get older I realize more and more how important it is to record these special moments. Time passes so quickly.  
 I will always treasure these images of my kids!

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Don’t miss out on this great offer!  Call and schedule your senior session today May 12th and get your very own FB proof video from your session!  The video is super cool and worth $250.00!!  Don’t miss out!


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Today I found out that one of my clients “ Grandma “ passed away 8 days before she was to have her 99th birthday.  She was a very special lady and she adored her family.  It blessed me so much to get to know her and photograph her and her family.
She reminded me a lot in spirit of my Grandmother.  I was told that she was not feeling well at all that day and yet she put her all into the photo session.  
After the session I caught my self tearing up while working on the images that I had captured of her because I was reminded of the pictures that I had not captured of my Grandmother.  We had a time scheduled and were waiting for my brother and his family to come home from Switzerland where they were living. Three days before they arrived my Grandmother fell and broke her hip and died three weeks later.  Oh how I wish that I had great portraits of my Grandmom interacting with her beloved grandkids and great grandkids.  They would be priceless to me now!
A photographer friend of mine once told me about one of his clients – a man who scheduled three different photography sessions, one with each of his grandchildren.  In each session he was photographed doing what he loved doing with each child.  With one he was reading a book while she sat in his lap.   With another, tying a fishing lure on a pole because they loved to fish together. With the third he smoked his pipe while the little one watched the smoke.
The man chose his images and had each one mounted on gator board. When he came to the studio to pick up his images he asked to use a room where he spent more than an hour writing a letter on the back of each image to the child that was in the print.  He told each one how special they were to him and how much he loved them.  Then the man had each image framed in a special frame – the image could be turned on a hinge to reveal the letter on the back.  What an incredible gift to each of those kids!   
The passing of “Grandma” makes me realize again the importance of what I do and the wonderful gift that I can create for people.  A portrait of a loved one only becomes more priceless with age! 

I love photographing people.  I especially love it when a person has a passion for something and I get to show it off in their portraits.

Tyler is a Kansas City senior that I photographed not long ago. He wants to be a personal trainer and has a passion for fitness.

I LOVE his images – they show how amazingly fit and tough he is but also the fact that that he has a very sweet spirit shows through as well!

Enjoy watching Tyler’s video!