It is amazing to me just how fast a year goes by and how fast a baby changes from new born to toddler in that year.  Hear are a couple of babies first year.

It was really fun for me to photograph them and watch them grow.  Maybe that is because my kids just turned 17, 19, and 21!

Muffet Petrehn Image Design is Very Excited to have been asked by Dean and Deluca to Deck their Walls the month of December with images.

To Celebrate and to add to the Christmas Cheer We are giving away one hour portrait sessions!
Call soon (913-783-4529) and mention Dean and Deluca to reserve your free session.
Even Better:
E-mail me, facebook, or text me a picture of my display to receive a free 5×7 with your session. Would you like to upgrade to an 8×10??? Purchase something at Dean and Deluca and bring in your receipt.
Be sure to tell them I sent you!! : )
Dean and Deluca is located at 119 and Roe in the Town Center Plaza.

This offer good through the month of December – Sessions need to be completed by Feb 28th
to text: 913-980-5871
facebook: muffet petrehn

Need an Idea for a Christmas Gift? How about giving a gift that will last longer than a lifetime.

A gift that will be cherished and looked at everyday!
A gift that becomes more priceless the longer you have it.
Give the Gift of Photography!

We still have a few Sessions available that will get your images or Christmas Cards here in time for Christmas. We also have gift certificates available for sessions and dollar amounts.
Call Soon!
Wow 10 days hanging out with Kevin Kubota and Company and all the amazing other photographers has flown by. Five Pines Lodge in Sister’s Oregon is an incredible place to stay and I have learned so much! I can’t wait to start using all of this new knowledge and fun creative tools when I get home!

We have been together learning and working on projects literally from 8:30 in the morning until after 10:00 every night. I am very thankful to Kevin and his team for choosing me for this wonderful Scholarship and for all of the new friends I have made!
Here is a collage of a fun project that Kevin encouraged us to do. The project was to take images of the Alphabet using lenses that we do not use often. I used a wide angle 12-24 and a lens baby lens invented by the amazing Craig Strong for these images.

I just received a really sweet note from the mom of Lili from my Lili’s heart book. I thought that I would pass it along : )

To see the book Lili’s heart follow the link below

Hi Muffet,
I just wanted to let you know that the Down Syndrome Guild had a little article in their Nov/Dec newsletter about the books that we both donated to them. They extend their thanks and explain the book as a resource for families preparing for heart surgery. It is a really nice article and they mention you by name as the “very talented photographer” and include your website. I wasn’t sure if they would send a copy of the newsletter to you so I wanted to be sure you knew about the good coverage. : )
Thank you again and forever for the pictures, video, books and experience. I am so glad to have met you and to have this beautiful record of our experience and to be able to share it with so many others.
Matt’s mom took her book to the NICU she works at in Des Moines and they loved it. She said the neonatologist was absolutely gaga over the book. She wanted everyone in the hospital to see it!
I also had the incredible privilege of meeting Dr. Lofland’s scrub nurse at the Step Up for DS Walk. She found our team tent there (I don’t know how – a God thing) and introduced herself. She said she had been out to your place the day before to pick up her book and you told her to look for our team. Thank you! What a blessing to meet her and be able to thank her face-to-face for her amazing job. I was thrilled that the Lord worked that out, as I’m sure they rarely get to see their little patients running around after having their hearts fixed. And how wonderful for her (and other nurses) to have such a beautiful book that shows the amazing work she does. I love to see how our God works out so many stories at once and thinks of details that never occur to me. We serve an awesome God!
Thanks Muffet!
I hope you have a fun-filled and blessed week-end.


Here is a proof video to show a little of what to expect of a Senior Photography Session.

Kristin was really fun to photograph!!

I received the greatest news today! Kevin Kubota – one of the most amazing photographers and one I have learned so much from – offered a scholarship to his incredible “boot camp” a week long, intensive, inspirational photography business workshop to one photographer who has a passion for photography, a financial need to improve his/her business and a history of personal charitable giving. I WON THE SCHOLARSHIP!!!! I am thrilled beyond words and so excited to have this opportunity to learn for a whole week from Kevin and other amazing photographers! AND the bonus is that it is in Oregon! I am so excited and thankful for this opportunity!!

Words from Kevin: Muffet, we are honored to have you! You won because of your talent, giving heart, you need it, and it’s a really good time for you to do something like this. We can’t wait to see you!

Wow time flies when you are busy! I just realized that it has been a while since I have posted any thing on my blog. I will try harder to keep my blog up to date. So you ask what has kept me so busy?? Besides lots of photography of course… Check out On Aug 12th our Golden Retriever had 11 puppies! Because there were so many my son Reagan and I – with help from many friends- bottle fed the pups for 4 weeks to help our Golden keep up with the milk demand. The pups are adorable!! And we are totally smitten by all of them!

We are planing to photograph all 11 tomorrow so hopefully we will have pictures for the blog soon – in the mean time check out the puppy web site.
On another note here are some of the beautiful images from Rachel’s senior session!!

I have often said that I have the greatest job ever! Yes I work very hard but it is so very rewarding!! I love blessing people with images that show their loved ones “heart and soul” And in return I am blessed right back!!

The following is a very sweet note that I received from one of my customers:

Hi Muffet, I looked on facebook, your blog and website, I saw some stunning pictures
of China, a great AE video of you and your kids, read your blog, and saw
tons of beautiful photographs of babies, kids, weddings, dogs, seniors, etc!
OMG – It made me wish I had known you when my kids were little! You do
such an amazing job of capturing “that look” — like no other photographer
I’ve ever known. And believe me, I think I’ve tried them all at one point
in time or another! What a gift you have — if I didn’t know better, I
would think you have a special camera that sprinkles in “Disney-like” magic
on your subjects to make them look extra special – even better than they do
in real life!
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