I went to bed and set my alarm for 2:15 am. hoping to see the Blood Moon.  I woke up early at 1:00 AM and decided to go take a look outside.  The moon was full and it was amazingly bright outside. I went back to bed and at 2:15 my alarm clock rang.  Not wanting to miss the event I got up once again and first thing I noticed was how dark it was outside. Clouds were covering the moon but I could see a few stars so I decided to wait a little bit in hopes to at least get a glimpse of the moon.  It seemed like the clouds were breaking up and after about 15 minutes I saw it.  It was strange seeing a “red” full moon and all the stars and still so dark out.  I grabbed my camera and by then the clouds had cleared and I was able to take these two images.  It was definitely worth a little less sleep to see this.

















blood moon sm