I have often said that I have the greatest job ever! Yes I work very hard but it is so very rewarding!! I love blessing people with images that show their loved ones “heart and soul” And in return I am blessed right back!!

The following is a very sweet note that I received from one of my customers:

Hi Muffet, I looked on facebook, your blog and website, I saw some stunning pictures
of China, a great AE video of you and your kids, read your blog, and saw
tons of beautiful photographs of babies, kids, weddings, dogs, seniors, etc!
OMG – It made me wish I had known you when my kids were little! You do
such an amazing job of capturing “that look” — like no other photographer
I’ve ever known. And believe me, I think I’ve tried them all at one point
in time or another! What a gift you have — if I didn’t know better, I
would think you have a special camera that sprinkles in “Disney-like” magic
on your subjects to make them look extra special – even better than they do
in real life!