I feel bad for all the people in Kansas City that were negatively affected by all of the snow that we had in Feb.  But here on the farm it was a lot of fun.  The first snow dropped about 14″ on us. It was just beautiful and not to cold.   It was the perfect snow to ride a horse in.  Not too slippery and deep enough that it was too much work for  the horse to act up – a good thing for my horses who had not been ridden much the last few months and were feeling spirited.

Because January and February are slow times for the studio I had time to take long walks with my dogs ride my horses and take some images just for myself.  Below are a few of the images – Some of these were taken with my iPhone and some were taken with my Nikon D3.

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The Last few weeks have been crazy busy!  Ok… I admit part of the busy has been keeping my 9 acres worth of grass and weeds under control with all of the rain that we have had!
But I have also had the opportunity to photograph a track star from Baker University, an amazingly talented family of Horse professionals, The cutest, most adorable 2 year old, the funniest dog, a horse and a cat, very cool teenagers and several other families that I hope to feature soon. Oh Yes and I can not forget the most amazing 84 year old great grandmother ever !!

Take a look!!

Tanner – The Track Star from Baker University soon to be a police officer!

Super fun family – the Coopers work and Train Cutting Horses at Rodrock Ranch and the 3 guys are ranked top in the world in competitions.

 Take a look at the dog on the right in these next two images : ) He has quite the personality! When I asked for smiles that is what he did!  : )  These boys are some of the coolest I’ve met and incredible horse riders!

This is Jake, One of the most adorable 2 year olds I have ever met!
I could have photographed him all day!!

 Jake and his Grandpa Butch. Butch drove clear from Oklahoma to be here for Jakes session. They have a very special relationship!!

Wow is she ever an amazing Great Grandmother!  How many 84 year olds could climb up in my barn window!!

The Farm and Outside Studio and SOME of the grass that I have to mow : ) 
Some of the storm clouds that brought the rain that make the grass grow so fast
keeping me really busy!  : ) 

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OK… so being a horse lover and owner most all of my life it is probably obvious that I get excited when a Senior wants to bring their horse or in this case horses along for their photography session. Katie is a great rider and this session was a lot of fun!

Enjoy her images!!