Kansas City Photographer

Wow time flies when you are busy! I just realized that it has been a while since I have posted any thing on my blog. I will try harder to keep my blog up to date. So you ask what has kept me so busy?? Besides lots of photography of course… Check out www.simplygoldenpuppies.com. On Aug 12th our Golden Retriever had 11 puppies! Because there were so many my son Reagan and I – with help from many friends- bottle fed the pups for 4 weeks to help our Golden keep up with the milk demand. The pups are adorable!! And we are totally smitten by all of them!

We are planing to photograph all 11 tomorrow so hopefully we will have pictures for the blog soon – in the mean time check out the puppy web site.
On another note here are some of the beautiful images from Rachel’s senior session!!

I have often said that I have the greatest job ever! Yes I work very hard but it is so very rewarding!! I love blessing people with images that show their loved ones “heart and soul” And in return I am blessed right back!!

The following is a very sweet note that I received from one of my customers:

Hi Muffet, I looked on facebook, your blog and website, I saw some stunning pictures
of China, a great AE video of you and your kids, read your blog, and saw
tons of beautiful photographs of babies, kids, weddings, dogs, seniors, etc!
OMG – It made me wish I had known you when my kids were little! You do
such an amazing job of capturing “that look” — like no other photographer
I’ve ever known. And believe me, I think I’ve tried them all at one point
in time or another! What a gift you have — if I didn’t know better, I
would think you have a special camera that sprinkles in “Disney-like” magic
on your subjects to make them look extra special – even better than they do
in real life!

OK… so being a horse lover and owner most all of my life it is probably obvious that I get excited when a Senior wants to bring their horse or in this case horses along for their photography session. Katie is a great rider and this session was a lot of fun!

Enjoy her images!!

For a few years now I have donated portrait sessions and prints to the American Heart Association. This year I was able to attend their “Heart Ball” with an old friend of mine. Here are some of the pics from the Ball and my auction display.