One Reason why I love being a photographer is because I LOVE people… and… I love being able to touch peoples lives. Being able to capture big and small moments in a person’s life and then being able to feel the emotions and feelings in each of the images that I capture is priceless. After time goes by and memories fade… you have the images to bring back that special moment in time. I believe that God has given me this “gift of photography” and I love sharing it as often as I can.

I want to share with you a couple of e-mails that I received in regards to the surgery images below. One is from Lily’s mom and the other is from one of the cardiac nurses. How she cares for the children in the Operating Room is wonderful. I have been totally blessed by these kind words… I hope that you will be as well.
In Response to Lily’s Images:

Hi Muffet,

I have been thinking all weekend about the pictures of Lily’s surgery. I want to let you know what a beautiful, priceless gift they are to me and Matt. And to Lily, eventually. I can just imagine when she’s old enough sharing the book with her and talking her through the whole experience.
I am so amazed how God orchestrated everything to bring our family and you together. What a loving and sovereign God we serve. We feel so blessed to have had you photograph the journey at Children’s Mercy. You truly have a gift of capturing beautiful moments and emotions in your shots. The pictures are amazing and really tell the story. As Lily’s mom, it means so much for me to see the pictures of the care and compassion Lily received from the nurses and staff when I couldn’t be there with her. The pictures of her smiling and looking so relaxed in the OR before they started the procedure speak right to my heart and give me such peace and joy to know she wasn’t scared. Thank you for that gift. I also love seeing the pictures of Grace and Sophie looking at Lily after surgery and the concern on their faces. It helps me to remember what a difficult time that was for them and how much they love their little sister. I could comment on each photo and tell you what they each mean to me – especially to see my daughter’s heart. It brings tears to my eyes as I right this. How awesome! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! God has used you to really touch our lives in a beautiful way. And your pictures have already touched others as you have shared them and we have shared them with extended family. We hope they are helpful to other families that have a child that has to have heart surgery. What a journey!
Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with us and for being so thoughtful and kind-hearted through the whole process. I have really enjoyed getting to know you. Thank you for the time you are putting into the book. We know it will be beautiful!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING!



WOW…you are so talented. Your talent seems so “Angelic” like. Almost like God and the Angels flow through you… are just the instrument with your camera telling the story. You and through your camera show the emotion, love and God in all the faces you shoot. WOW!
I just opened your email and …………………………………………………your
photos are right in sink with all that is important, real and true…LOVE.
I see another AWARD for you here. These shots speak, Muffet. A true gift you have.
I am glad to have crossed paths with you.

Thanks for sharing.