Kind Words From Muffet’s Customers


Muffet, My images are INCREDIBLE! I was blown away, thank you so much!  Shannon


Ryan just LOVES the cluster!  I caught him staring at it again this morning, so cute! Evalynn was excited to see it too, she got a huge smile on her face and told me about each picture and where she was and how she misses Rudy and Sunny.   She begged me to come see you and the horses again so we will have to do that soon, maybe when the puppies are bigger.Anyway, wanted to share with you that we ALL LOVE your art!!!!  We will hang everything tonight!!!



Hi Muffet,

I have been thinking all weekend about the pictures of Lily’s surgery. I want to let you know what a beautiful, priceless gift they are to me and Matt. And to Lily, eventually. I can just imagine when she’s old enough sharing the book with her and talking her through the whole experience.

I am so amazed how God orchestrated everything to bring our family and you together. What a loving and sovereign God we serve. We feel so blessed to have had you photograph the journey at Children’s Mercy. You truly have a gift of capturing beautiful moments and emotions in your shots. The pictures are amazing and really tell the story. As Lily’s mom, it means so much for me to see the pictures of the care and compassion Lily received from the nurses and staff when I couldn’t be there with her. The pictures of her smiling and looking so relaxed in the OR before they started the procedure speak right to my heart and give me such peace and joy to know she wasn’t scared. Thank you for that gift. I also love seeing the pictures of Grace and Sophie looking at Lily after surgery and the concern on their faces. It helps me to remember what a difficult time that was for them and how much they love their little sister. I could comment on each photo and tell you what they each mean to me – especially to see my daughter’s heart. It brings tears to my eyes as I right this. How awesome! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! God has used you to really touch our lives in a beautiful way. And your pictures have already touched others as you have shared them and we have shared them with extended family. We hope they are helpful to other families that have a child that has to have heart surgery. What a journey! Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with us and for being so thoughtful and kind-hearted through the whole process. I have really enjoyed getting to know you. Thank you for the time you putting into the book. We know it will be beautiful!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING!




WOW…you are so talented. Your talent seems so “Angelic” like. Almost like God and the Angels flow through you… are just the instrument with your camera telling the story. You and through your camera show the emotion, love and God in all the faces you shoot. WOW!

I just opened your email and …………………………………………………your photos are right in sink with all that is important, real and true…LOVE.

I see another AWARD for you here. These shots speak, Muffet. A true gift you have.

I am glad to have crossed paths with you.




I wanted to thank you for your generous donation of photography for Hands & Hearts Red Hot Night 5 – Heart’s Desire.

Those Photos added such a personal touch to the Grand Ballroom. We needed to tell a story and your photos helped us do just that. You were outstanding to work with. I know a lot of extra trips went into making this all happen and we appreciate everything you provided. Plus I know the crew in Cardiac Surgery also appreciates all your hard work and extra special touches.

Over the last two years Hands & Hearts for Children has raised an astounding $1,250,000, with this years gala poised to bring in $650,000 for Cardiac Surgery.

Thank you again for your donation of photography and image design.

Megan Day

Manager of Special Events

Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics



Thank you so much for making me a copy of your wonderful “Gift of Life” book. The pictures are just beautiful – incredible talent.

Thank you again,



Thank you, Muffet, for your talents and time. You allowed us to tell a patient’s story with moving images.

Hands & Hearts

Children’s Mercy Hospital



Just visited your website! What beautiful work you do!! My daughters will enjoy the meadow with you & your horses. My younger daughter, Katie, will say that’s it we are moving to Kansas! Ha! One of the nicest websites that I have ever seen.

Mike ( From Alaska )



Thanks so much for another fantastic job!

God Bless,

Bruce McGregor


Dear Muffet,

What a beautiful surprise to have you drop by. The picture is just stunning- what a site! Each time we look at the picture we see new details we did not see before.

Muffet, Thank you for sharing your gifted talent. We are so proud to have your work in our home.

Janet and Charlie


Muffet’s images of my kids were incredible. She was able to capture expressions on their faces that sometimes only parents are able to see. Before the portrait viewing, I was hopeful that there would be 4-5 images that would turn out. I had no idea there would be so many images to choose from.

Thank you, Muffet, for a wonderful experience that we’ll never forget due to your talent and photography skill.



Muffet- It was so fun seeing you Sunday at your country home – Wow!

You have the perfect essentials for a photographer…fun, creative, eye of an artist, comfortable, sincere- I could go on and on! Can’t wait until we get together to see the images and dine! What a blessing to have you as a friend in my life!!!



Dear Muffet,

I do want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on Megan’s senior pictures! The Photo shoot itself was such fun. I was thinking while I watched that it was like getting to be a model for a day, which I know Megan found very entertaining. The pictures themselves are gorgeous! We’ll treasure them-I love how you captured the real Megan and didn’t let her get away with any “fake smiles.” Thanks for a terrific day and for capturing this very special time of Megan’s life.

Gratefully, Noelle and Jim


Dear Muffet,

I saw your work down at Starbucks. I was very impressed with the images. The owl was fabulously detailed. The Italian landscape talked my imagination into seeing myself having wine and cheese on its hillside as the sun goes down. The umbrellas in the Italian rain were BRILLIANT! Beautiful.

Muffet, I really did not know how talented you really are. You are truly “gifted.”



Muffet, I can hardly begin to express in words the obvious gift and talent that God has blessed you with in the area of photography. You have now photographed both our daughter and our son’s senior portraits. Each time was so much fun! The relaxed photo shoots allowed for us all to enjoy the afternoon while you clicked away, finding the essence of who our kids are on the inside as well as the outside. The photos reveal not just pretty faces, but capture feelings and emotions that come alive on paper. We have coffee table books of each our children’s pictures out for others to view. Every one that looks at them are blown away at the quality, beauty, and fun in each picture. Our daughter has already informed us that she will only let you do her future wedding portraits… she said to start saving now! Thank-you over and over again. The portraits are a gift that will give us joy for many generations to come.

Blessings to you,

~ Cathy Decker ~


Your photo announcement card was the most compelling and beautiful card I’ve seen, ever.

It’s a keepsake for everyone who received it.

~ Charlie ~


Thank you Muffet, the photographs are FANTASTIC!!! We were really amazed and impressed. I really can’t thank you enough. Lizzi looked beautiful. The shots and the backgrounds, the different clothes…really something!

~ Sarah ~


Muffet has taken pictures of my kids for several years now and the thing I love the most about her photographs is that she is able to capture each of their personalities so well. She does outstanding work and is really great with kids of all ages. I am always thrilled with her finished pieces!!

~ Lauren Fraser ~


Muffet Petrehn Image Design put together the most wonderful photo collage for our 50th anniversary. She took a large number of our older family pictures and arranged them together to create an incredible keepsake for our family. She was able to touch up many old pictures and put them all together in the most amazing way. We love this piece of art!!

~ Loren and Louise Carlson ~



Thank you so much for taking so many wonderful pictures of our family. God has blessed you with a rare gift and we are in turn blessed to reap the benefits of your talent.

~ Dorothy ~


Dear Muffet,

Thank you for your gift of the extra photo of our kids. I truly appreciate it but even more… I appreciate the beauty of God’s gift in you. so talented that I just want to say, “Great job, God. Wow!”

~ Karen Igla ~


Dear Muffet,

Before we got married, we were told how the photographer can make or break the wedding. Well, those people were right, Muffet, your professionalism, talent, and kindness were a God sent miracle from KS. Thank so much for joining us in our celebration and for bringing your wonderful family. God bless you and thanks for everything.

In Christ,

~ Nathan and Hilary ~



You are way too sweet- Megan gave me the photo of Gracie this week and of course we love it: it goes with out saying that your terrific photography skills made the photo great! I’m so glad to have made your friendship-again, thank you.


~ Dori ~


I loved having my pictures done with Muffet! The atmosphere was laid back which made the entire experience much more enjoyable and comfortable. Muffet was extremely encouraging and that is very reassuring when you’re taking so many pictures and you want them to look good. My parents and I were so pleased with how my senior pictures turned out. All my friends were very impressed and many of them are planning to have Muffet take their senior pictures next year! Thanks Muffet!

~ Amber McGregor ~


Dear Muffet,

Being able to see the photos of our kids warms my heart. They don?t seem quite so far away! I know that they are where God wants them to be: and in the center of his will is where we want them to be.

May God bless you for providing these photographs! We can’t describe the comfort we feel when we see them as they were this past summer. You ministered to us with your music and now this gift of photography is another of your talents that blesses us. Thank you for all you’ve done!!


~ Murel Faye Morris ~


Having my daughter’s senior pictures taken by Muffet was a delightful experience! Muffet’s photography brought out the beauty of her soul as well as her physical beauty! The whole experience was positive and fun!

~ Ruth Maltby ~


Dear Muffet,

I wish you could have seen Katie’s face when she got home from work last night. She was so happy with her pictures. That is a huge thing to her as she usually doesn’t like any photograph of herself. She was so pleased!!!

Any way, thank you so much for the great job you did.

The whole experience will be a special memory for her.

The only problem is that she wants to keep them all for herself now!

~ Linda Johnson.~