I took my daughter Courtney to the airport this morning! Many of you know her because she has helped me with my photography business in many areas since she was just 14. Now she is 20 and is headed to China for 6 months to study international business and Chinese. It is super cool how all of the details have worked out for her and this trip. She won scholarship money that has paid for her entire trip, met wonderful chinese people who are taking her under their wing and giving her a place to live and places to visit. Today another one of those “God coincidences” I call them happened. She was just about to go through the check in and a guy sitting a little ways away heard us mention that she was traveling to China. He is a 24 yr. old Harvard Grad who will be going to law school to study international law. in the mean time he is traveling to China to stay with his brother who lives in Beijing with his wife and baby. He and Courtney will travel all the way there on the same flights and get this…. they will both return in 6 months on Aug. 2nd at the same time on the same flights! They are both staying in beijin.

They got to sit with each other on the flight to chicago and they have a lot in common. As a mom I am very happy that she now knows someone that can keep her company on the long trip there and back again!